Wikipedia Workshops

Art on our Mind will continue running Wikipedia workshops this year. We aim to broaden the number of Wikipedia entries presenting women-of-colour artists from different elds of creative and cultural production.

The workshops will train skills for beginners, so everyone is welcome. Each workshop will be facilitated by experienced Wikipedia editors or representatives of Wikimedia South Africa. For those who are interested and can’t join the meetings, or are inter- ested to participate online, online tutorials will be made available.

The workshops aim to enable participants to upload new articles or to expand on existing entries. Please bring your laptop and identify an artist or group whose entry you want to create or expand (individually or in group work). We will work online, editing and creating entries in your sandbox. 

The workshops will draw from research generated by the Art on our Mind research project (see: 

Tuesday, 5 March, 14-17h at Wits Writing Centre seminar room Facilitators: Dumisani Ndubane and Bobby Shabangu

Tuesday, 9 April, 15-17h at Wits Writing Centre seminar room

Tuesday, 30 April, 15-17h at Wits Writing Centre seminar room

Please email Fouad Asfour to confirm attendance: / 0782953255