WORKS: Nontobeko Ntombela – Writing

Texts by Nontobeko Ntombela

MA Thesis

Ntombela, N. M. (2014) A Fragile Archive: Refiguring | Rethinking Reimagining | Re-presenting Gladys Mgudlandlu. Wits MA Thesis, available at:

Exhibition Catalogues

Ntombela, N. M. (2015) Spectaculaire: XXVIIe Ateliers Internationaux du Frac des Pays de la Loire – L’Afrique du Sud. Carquefou: FRAC. Exhibition Catalogue.

Maart, B. and Young, E. (eds.) (2010) MTN New Contemporaries. Exhibition catalogue. Durban: Kwa-Zulu Natal Society of Art. [download pdf here]

Journal Articles

Ntombela, N. M. (2013) Silent Toyi-Toyis in the work of Donna Kukama and Reshma Chhiba. n. paradoxa.vol 31. pp. 23- 32. [download pdf here]

Book chapters

Ntombela, N. M. (2017) Practitioning. A Few Notes on Curatorial Training in Africa. In: Silva, Bisi and Stephanie Baptist (2017) ÀSÌKÒ: On the future of artistic and curatorial pedagogies in Africa. Lagos: Centre for Contemporary Art, pp. 167-180. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M., Kristina Lee Podesva, Mark Beasley, Mami Kataoka (2016) Louder Than the Frame. In: Markopoulos, Leigh (ed.) Great Expectations: Prospects for the Future of Curatorial Education. London: Koenig Books, California College of the Arts and the Banff International Curatorial Institute. pp. 32-47. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2016) Shifting Contexts: Contemporary South African Art in Changing Times. In: Liebhammer N. and Hamilton C. (eds.) Tribing and Untribing the Archive. Scottsville: University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Press. pp. 86 – 115. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2016) On Being Taught. In: Whitfield, Ashley (ed.) Winter School: 2015 The Everyday Workbook. Johannesburg: Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA). pp. 41-42.

Ntombela, N. M. (2016) Remastered. Exhibitionist La Critique. Issue 12, June 2016. pp. 56-57. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2015) Curatorial as Education. In: Murinik T. (ed.) Constructure: 100 Years of the JAG Building and its Evolution of Space and Meaning.Johannesburg: Johannesburg Art Gallery. pp.130-143. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2014) SPECTACULAIRE: A Moment in Time and a Time that Remains. In: Spectaculaire. Carquefou: FRAC. Exhibition Catologue. pp. 12-28.

Résidence : XXVIIe Ateliers Internationaux – épisode 7 / 
Frac des Pays de la Loire
Resident artist Nontobeko Ntombela about her role as curator

Ntombela, N. M. (2014) In Dialogue. In: Nkosi and Sunstrum (eds.) Compendium. Johannesburg: iThuba Art Gallery. pp. 40-44.

Ntombela, N. M. (2014) Murray Kruger in Conversation with Nontobeko Ntombela. In: Laurence, M. (ed.) [Working Title]. Johannesburg: Goodman Gallery. pp. 50-53. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2014) Benezit Dictionary of Artists, A short biography on Gladys Mgudlandlu.
doi: 10.1093/benz/9780199773787.article.B2278412 [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2013) Ke Lefa Laka. In: Khan, S. (ed.) Lebohang Kganye: Ke Lefa Laka. Johannesburg: Market Photo Workshop and Tierney Foundation. pp. 15-16. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2012) A Journey Worth Contemplating. In: Mbongeni Buthelezi. Art catalogue, Sibisi Gallery, Johannesburg.

Ntombela, N. M. (2012)  Foreword. In: One Day in June. An exhibition by students from the Wits School of Art’s postgraduate curating programme. Johannesburg: Wits School of Arts, pp. 4-5. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2011) Curating Performance. In: Stemberger, C. Alterating Conditions: Performing Performance Art in South Africa. Johannesburg: Bag Factory Art Studios. pp. 78-79. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2011) Modern South African Artists. In: Ntombela, N. and Neluheni, M. (eds.) Jagged. Museum education supplement. Johannesburg: Johannesburg Art Gallery. pp. 16-18. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2011) Inspirations at the Periphery: Reviewing the Work of Nelson Makamo. In: Malatjie, P. Citytales and Countryscapes. Johannesburg: Museum Africa, pp. 14-15. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2011) Inserting the Self: My Heritage – My Identity. In: Xakaza, M. Who Am I? Ngingubani?Durban: Durban Art Gallery. pp. 36-49. [download pdf here]

Ntombela, N. M. (2002) A review on Jane Alexander at the Tatham Art Gallery. Natal Witness Weekly, May 2002.