WORKS: Senzeni Marasela – Visual Art

Galleries, museums and collections holding visual artworks by Senzeni Marasela 

Artworks by Senzeni Marasela at afronova Gallery, Johannesburg.

Covering Sarah (triptch), 2011, ink on paper, 34 x 12 cm (each)

More artworks by Senzeni Marasela at Art On Paper Gallery, Johannesburg

Theodorah III, 2005, linocut, 70.5 x 100 cm

Senzeni Marasela’s series Theodorah I-III, 2005 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Senzeni Marasela’s Baby Doll Series at the Hood Museum, Dartmouth
Available here

Senzeni Marasela at The Newark Museum, Newark

Our Mother, 1998. Dress, pins, police baton in wooden container, photocopies, 150 x 100 x 11.5 cm. BhP Billiton Collection, Johannesburg

Senzeni Marasela at BhP Billiton Collection, Johannesburg

Waiting for Gabane, 2017. Red thread on Kaffir sheet,150 x 90 cm.

Senzeni Marasela at Sean Kelley Gallery, New York

Senzeni Marasela at Rand Merchant Bank Collection

Art catalogues and journals

Historic, Modern and Contemporary Art, Aspire Art Auctions Catalogue:  pp. 59. Available here
PDF available here

Ik Ben Een Afrikander The Unequal Conversation, Lizamore & Associates Catalogue. 
PDF available here

Senzeni Marasela, Gallery AOP.
PDF available here

Art Bank Joburg (June 2006-July 2008), Murdoch, Antoinette.
Available here
PDF available here